At Her Fingertips

By Kellyn Roth

I’m not officially part of her blog tour that she has going, but if you are interested check it out here.

But on to my rating 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ stars, and I’d say it’s probably PG. It’s a romance about stupid people not realizing that they love each other. That’s my review. Bye!!!!

All jokes aside this is a really sweet historical romance. I may wish she spent more time developing the non romance side plots, but that just may be because I prefer romances where they are stuck together from the beginning not “I don’t know if I like him enough to marry him or not”

I’ve read the earlier edition as well and I must say Kellyn has definitely grown as an author. Not that the old story was bad. (In case you ever run across a copy. Come visit me I’ve book 3 & 4 of the old editions and none of the new in physical form. Hey Kellyn, if you read this is there any chance you could do something about my situation?) But this one is better.

I enjoy Kellyn’s writing and just as soon as the main characters get married maybe the stories will be more to my personal liking.

One suppose one should say that I was given a copy of this book for review purposes, but as I try to review all modern smaller author books I read I’m not sure why this is terribly important for me personally. I’ve not been compensated or asked to say anything positive.

Published by Esther Jackson

I am a young United States citizen. I've been mostly home schooled. I have no plans to go to college or university, but I plan to never stop learning. I'm the second youngest of seven. I love to teach. I feel called to design and sew modest clothes. I adore reading and chatting about books

7 thoughts on “At Her Fingertips

  1. I actually have people requesting that I sell them any old copies I have. Apparently they just like the old covers better! So now I’m doing old edition prints … *facepalm* I probably shouldn’t, but I think it’d be fun!

    Thank you for posting this!

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