Runaway Lyrics

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By CO Bonham

My rating 4 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ Content rating. PG There is a shocking amount of talk about matricide. Also the humans and the good guys have magic, it was a gift from the creator.

Honestly I loved the story, the reason for the knock in stars is because of the magic, many of my friends won’t read stories with magic and if they do it can’t be done by the human good guys, so because I don’t think this is a super stunning story I’ve can’t recommend it to everyone so the rating goes down.

One thing I really liked about this story, as much as I’d like to read more of these characters, it’s a stand alone. Yes, the author did leave it open to write more, but you can definitely read it by itself. As I’ve been reading lots of series this is amazing.

The romance. I often claim I don’t like romance, but really I don’t like people not accepting that they are in love and want to be with the person. Both sisters kinda go, “he’s amazing, this is a bit quick and there are things to think about, but I care.” And that is the best.

What one sister has, she must share with the other . . . Snow loves music. She has spent her entire life learning, new instruments and memorizing new pieces, only to while away her life in a country manor with only her mother and twin sister as company. If only she could get out on her own and play in front of a real audience. Rose loves magic. The things she can do with music would amaze her twin sister, but whenever she shows her, Snow quickly forgets as if the event had never happened. If only Rose could get out on her own and work some real magic. When an airship crashes near their home Snow’s magical abilities awaken. Together the sisters must learn to use their magic, rescue a pair of cursed princes, and discover their own secrets. Discover the magic of music in this retelling of Snow White and Rose Red. Purchase Link: Add Book on Goodreads:

Author Bio:

C.O. Bonham is the pen name for a commonly misspelled first name. She loves stories of all kinds, but really likes the ones that are weird, and outside the norm. A certified book geek, when she isn’t writing stories of her own, she is busy reading stories by others. A homeschool graduate with a degree in creative writing, her goal is to create stories that make people think, feel, and have fun. Visit her website to read author interviews, book reviews, and to hear about what she’s working on next. Sign up for her newsletter to make sure you never miss an update!

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