The Lost Review Of Odd Books

The Lost Review Of Odd Books

The Sand Pounder

By MJ Evans Sorry, this was supposed to go up yesterday, but I hadn’t gotten it out of my head and we were driving on curvy roads. See this. The Sand Pounder. This is one of the books that reminds me my rating system isn’t the best. Part of me wants to rate it 2Continue reading “The Sand Pounder”


By Lisa Bergen, Review By Esther Jackson My rating 4 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️. Content Rating. I felt like this book followed the bad guys less than Betrayed, so we had less descriptions of their actions. Still as it would be unsatisfying to read this book alone I rate it Adult. I do plan on going back andContinue reading “Blessed”

By This Shall They Know Review

By Chelsea Burden Please see this post if you want some explanation for why this post is odd. Rating 5 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ Content rating G. The characters are talking about love, so there are deeper topics, but nothing notable, if you want to read it do! Sidney and Stanley, for being the oldest, the “mature” onesContinue reading “By This Shall They Know Review”

Gilded In Ice

Please see this post if you want some explanation for why this post is odd. By Sarah Pennington My Rating 5 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ Content rating PG. There is magic, primarily in the form of Fae though Bastien does have some magical tools. If you are at all familiar with fae (and maybe mysteries) the solution isContinue reading “Gilded In Ice”

Review Shadows At Nightfall

By Brett Armstrong This tour is hosted by JustRead. Visit this page to find more stops. Title: Shadows at Nightfall Series: Quest of Fire #3 Author: Brett Armstrong Publisher: Scrivenings Press Release Date: September 2021 Genre: Christian Epic Fantasy The shadows of Jason’s past have caught him. Having stepped into the Quest of Fire, JasonContinue reading “Review Shadows At Nightfall”

Runaway Lyrics

Please see this post if you want some explanation for why this post is odd. By CO Bonham My rating 4 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ Content rating. PG There is a shocking amount of talk about matricide. Also the humans and the good guys have magic, it was a gift from the creator. Honestly I loved the story,Continue reading “Runaway Lyrics”

In Fields Of Freedom

By Bonnie Leon Who me, coming in with another mid series review? I’ve got the whole trilogy and have read two thirds of it, but the other books will come some day. Rating: 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ from me, it was great. Content rating? PG, there is a mine collapse and a birth, and Yuri is in Siberia.Continue reading “In Fields Of Freedom”

Through Russian Snows

By GA Henty Rating! 5🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️ Content rating; PG 13 This is a fictional story of Napoleons first attempt to conquer Russia, as anyone over the age of ten should know, he did not succeed. Like all wars the worst of human behavior came out, the author doesn’t really focus on it though it is mentioned.Continue reading “Through Russian Snows”

Wild Announcements

First of all we’ve a cover reveal for The Beautiful Ones by Emily Hayse. The title describes the cover perfectly. “It’s not until you tame the wild places that the monsters come out.” New hope brings new challenges and new blood from the East. With Archer and Rosamund Scottpresiding over the land they love andContinue reading “Wild Announcements”

The Bobbsey Twins’ Mystery At School

By Laura Lee Hope My rating 5 🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️🌟️, content rating G. Let’s get the main Person Of Color/ Coloured character out of the way first as some people like to fuss. In any family much poorer than the Bobbsey’s Dinah would be the “Maiden Aunt” character. Mommy had the first set of twins and neededContinue reading “The Bobbsey Twins’ Mystery At School”


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